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What’s more important then preserving life?

Not convinced in the importance of learning First Aid? Give us until the bottom of this page, and if you’re still not, we’ll eat our hat.

999 is only a step, not a solution.

Although an important part of a variety of incidents, often the chances of a casualty’s survival is dependant upon aid given before an ambulance arrives.

Our courses are rewarding

Walk around with your head high knowing that you could act if an incident strikes.

You could save somebody’s life

Like superman himself, you could help in incidents ranging from a bumped head all the way to CPR.

We’ll bet you’ll enjoy learning too!

First Aid shouldn’t be boring. We take pride in keeping our courses as practical and engaging as possible.

You'll know when something's not right

Staying alert and knowing how to act quickly in an emergency are important strengths that you’ll build on during our courses.

It could save you money

Some insurance companys provide discounts to businesses with more then one first aider.